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Huang Xiaoming and good friend/first crush Zhao Wei is working together in the new Hunan TV reality show, “Chinese Restaurant”.

As reported on Epoch Times, the two stars joined three other celebrities in Thailand, as they work together to operate a Chinese restaurant in the country in an effort to promote Chinese cuisine to the locals and other foreign tourists.

The show is similar to the hit Korean variety programme created by famous programme director Na Young-suk, “Youn’s Kitchen”.

The first episode, which premiered on 22 June, saw the five members arriving at the location; a small premise by the sea on a small island of Ko Chang. However, it was the chemistry between Huang and Zhao, who were appointed as the managers that attracted viewers.

Huang even brought along a poster of Zhao from her past hit drama, “My Fair Princess”, and shared that he brought it to attract customers, since the show was also a hit in Thailand.

Besides the two, the show also stars model-actor Zhang Liang as the chef, actress Zhou Dongyu as the waiter, and host Jin Mengjia as the cleaning crew.

(Photo Source: Sohu.com)