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It was early last year that Malaysian singer Gary Chaw went on his knees to propose to his wife of eight years, Wu Souling, and promised to give her the wedding that she had always wanted.

However, while many are still waiting for that day to come, the singer recently confessed that they had already done it a few months after he proposed.

According to Kwongwah, Gary, who was probed about the wedding during an event that he attended with Wu recently, declined to elaborate on the details except insisting that it was a low-key event.

As for the NTD 10 million budget he previously said had been set aside for Wu to pick out her wedding ring, Wu stated that she didn’t get it, but that Gary gave her another present – a diamond encrusted bangle.

The money, she said, will be used to fund their two children’s education.

As to whether the two of them have plans to try for a baby the third time, Wu said that she is satisfied with the two they already have.

Gary added, “We hope to focus on Joe and Grace for now. As for a third child, we will let fate determine it. If God blesses us with one, we will absolutely cherish it.”

Gary and Wu registered their marriage back in 2008, but didn’t have their wedding until 2016.

(Photo Source: Gary Chaw Facebook)