Hong Kong-based model-actress Gaile Lok recently confirmed that she and boyfriend Ian Chu are tying the knot on 27 August.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who appeared at a skincare event recently, shared that she had just completed her yoga training in Thailand, which means she has yet to make any preparation, as a bride, for the wedding.

“I haven’t thought about what kind of dress I want to wear, what shoes, and what kind of jewellery. But we already have a venue, and we have arranged everything else, including the guests,” she said.

When asked if she has plans to do all the bridal preparations soon, Gaile responded, “Depending on the suitability. I will try to do it this week.”

Gaile also stated that she is not nervous at all about walking down the aisle for the second time.

“I just finished yoga training. I am feeling very calm now. But there’s a chance I will feel the pressure as soon as I return to California,” she said.

As to why they are holding the wedding in California, Gaile responded, “We wanted to do it outdoors and California has the better weather. Hong Kong can be very hot in August.”

Gaile also stated that she will be living in Hong Kong after marriage, since her husband-to-be is also living and working in Hong Kong.

(Photo Source: Gaile Lok Instagram)