Contrary to popular belief, it was Fan Bingbing who actually approached and wooed boyfriend Li Chen prior to their relationship, not the other way around.

According to Northeast News, the revelation came at the variety show “Day Day Up” that the couple guest-starred together on recently, when Fan refuted Li’s claims that he courted her by shaking her head and said, “No, I wooed you.”

The actor later agreed, saying that he wouldn’t have been brave enough to make his move first because of how famous she is.

The actress shared she made the first move when they were working together in “The Empress of China” by asking him out, and that the first date they went sparked the romance rumours between them at the time.

Fan then shared that even though she was the one who courted Li, he makes the decision in their relationship now. She also praised the actor and said that he is the perfect man in her mind.

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