Actor Andy On has recently been hospitalised for an injury sustained while filming his new movie in mainland China.

As reported on On CC, the actor, who was filming an action scene on the set of his new movie in Ningbo, slipped and injured his ankle while running towards the camera. Although Andy initially went to a hospital in the local area for a check-up, he flew back to Hong Kong for further treatment when told that the situation was much worse.

The actor has also undergone a small surgery to stitch his tendon back together.

In a video he posted online, partner Jessica C. can be heard saying, “Your mum says hi. She loves you. She wants to know you’re okay. Are you okay?”, to which Andy, without opening his eyes responded, “I’m tired.”

He captioned the video, “Achilles’ tendon rupture. This is after the operation…”

When asked about his condition, Jessica told the media that everything is fine.

“I am thankful to the media for the concern. I have been visiting Andy every day,” she said.

Andy will be taking a two-week break from his project for his recovery.