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Now that he is in his 40s, singer-songwriter Wang Leehom shared that he would like to give back to society through his music.

According to Epoch Times, the singer who spoke to the media following his fan meeting in mainland China recently, shared that he has been spending a lot of time raising awareness about the environment and doing charity work in recent years.

He continued that now that he is much older and has become a father, he would like to write songs that are more mature.

“For example, if my previous songs are mostly about romantic love; in the future, I would like to share my insights about life [via my music]. I want some of it to be about social issues,” he said.

Leehom jokingly quoted the saying that life begins at forty, and added, “Now every day I wake up, my mind is a blank music sheet that seems to have an unlimited creativity.”

When talking about the impact his new life as a family man has on his creativity, Leehom said that it only adds more feeling into his writing.

“Writing [songs] is like a river that flows endlessly. Sometimes, there will be new visitors who would like to jump in as well. It’s a new stimulation that rewards me with a different kind of feeling,” he said.

(Photo Source: Wang Leehom Facebook)