A weird viral video showing three girls performing some new form of twerk (?) has been spreading wildly on the internet for the past three days.

The video was shared by a Malaysian Facebook page called “Nokharom morahkon” on 30 May 2017, and as of today, it has accumulated 1.3 million views, 14 thousand shares, 11 thousand reactions and 10 thousand comments – which were mostly negative, by the way!

Anyway, the video shows three girls in baju kurung with two of them don the tudung (headscarves), implying that they are Muslims.

The girls are shown squatting while shaking their hips in an up-and-down motion at various public places, including in a mall, in the middle of the road, on top of a car, at a petrol station and underneath a truck. (What the?!)

Based on the background of the locations, it is safe to assume that the video was recorded in Indonesia, so the girls could be Indonesians as well.

After some research, we found out that this form of “dance” is known as the “Squatshit Challenge” which is currently going viral in Indonesia for some unknown reason.

The challenge is usually accompanied by the song “Bum Bum Tam Tam” by Portuguese rapper MC Fioti playing in the background.

For now, we have no idea what’s the purpose behind this challenge, but a lot Indonesian youngsters are really into it. Check it out!