Former professional basketball player Shaquille O’Neal caused fans to burst into laughter when he decided to propose to singer-actress Victoria Song during a variety show.

As reported on ECNS, the NBA Hall of Famer known by his nickname Shaq, recently appeared on the Zhejiang variety show, “Beat the Champions”, a show where sport-lovers compete against professional athletes in their respective sport.

Shaq, who appeared on the show for its basketball episode, jokingly went on one knee in front of a surprised Victoria while the camera was rolling, and held out a bouquet of flowers as he asked the f(x) member to marry him.

Victoria, who joined in on the joke, replied that she will have to go home and ask her mother first, sparking laughter from the audience.

Prior to Victoria, Shaq jokingly shared that he has taken a liking to model-actress Angelababy. But all that changed recently, when he wrote online, “[Angelababy], you used to be my favourite, but you are married, so now, it’s you [Victoria]. Will you marry me?”

He later posted a photo with Victoria on his official Weibo account, and wrote jokingly, “My new Chinese girlfriend, [Victoria].”

(Photo Source: Shaquille O’Neal Weibo)