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South Korean superstar Rain will soon be starring in an upcoming South Korean biographical drama film based on the famed cyclist Uhm Bok-dong, and the shooting of the film is almost halfway done.

“I’m shooting a new movie called “Uhm Bok-dong”. Obviously, it’s based on the life of the Korean cyclist of the same name during the Japanese colonial period of 1910 in Korea,” said the actor during our interview with him at the recent Viral Fest Asia in Bangkok.

“The shooting of the film is about 40 percent done, and it would most likely go on until mid-August,” the actor added.

Uhm Bok-dong became a national symbol of pride for the Koreans when he defeated Japanese cyclists and won the championship in a bicycle race which took place during the Japanese colonial rule of Korea.

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Rain mentioned that this is the first time that he has taken on this kind of role, and he hopes that he gets to try on more challenging roles in the future.

“The role that I’m playing now is a character that I’ve never tried playing before and it is very challenging and interesting, so I’m sure that it will be a new experience to the audience as well.”

“I really enjoy working with the other actors on the film, and I hope that in the future I get to try on other different kinds of new and unique characters,” the 34-year-old singer-cum-actor said.

After filming is done, Rain will be focusing on releasing his new album which is set to be released by the end of this year.

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“If I’ll be staring in a new drama, the album is expected to come out in December, if not, it could be around mid-November,” said Rain whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon.

Meanwhile, the King of Pop also noted that he is embarrassed to be called King of Pop by his fans even though he feels honoured at the same time.

“Apart from me, there are a lot of other well-known artistes in the entertainment industry. I’m just a shy person who tries to act and sing in my own style, and with own ability. I’m just helping the others to help promote K-Pop to the rest of the world.”

“So rather than being called the King of Pop, I rather be known as one of the artistes who contributes to the industry,” he continued.

Original article from Cinema Online