Not long after Dior was criticised for naming Angelababy as their new spokesperson, another brand, Tag Heuer has now appointed her as the new global ambassador of their watch brand.

As reported on CFI, the company recently announced the news through an official post on 1 June and stated that the reason for her appointment was because the actress is “an outstanding beauty, incredibly chic and has a charming personality.”

The company added that Angelababy performs well under pressure, and gave her a warm welcome to their big family.

However, her involvement with Tag Heuer was not taken as negatively as Netizens did with Dior, which previously made Angelababy its ambassador as well. Although there are voices questioning the decision, it wasn’t as harsh as what was said about Dior’s decision.

Back in May, when Dior announced the actress as its new face, many of the Parisian fashion house’s followers expressed dissatisfaction saying that the Chinese actress will only downgrade the brand and its reputation.

Some also commented on the actress’ plastic surgery rumours, despite being bunked countless times, will not be in line with Dior’s independent feminist spirit.

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