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Celebrity couple Matt Wu and Yang Zishan have finally tied the knot in a proper ceremony, two years after registering their marriage.

As reported on East Day, the couple started the event with the morning ceremony, where they appeared in traditional Chinese outfits.

Matt was able to complete the four tasks given by the bridesmaids, including one where he shouted “I love Zishan” in front of the door three times, before finally uniting with the bride for the tea ceremony.

They later held their wedding ceremony and banquet at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Taipei, which was attended by close friends and family members.

Back in 2015, the couple surprised many by sharing a photo of their marriage certificate and wedding bands, and revealed that they are married.

When asked why they decided to tie the knot on 10 June, two years after the registration, Matt shared that they have tried to hold the wedding a few times since the registration, but that the two of them had been too busy with work.

“There is no special meaning to the date. It’s just that we wanted to hold the wedding, and we picked the date,” he said.

(Photo Source: chinairn.com)