First the introverted star surprised his fans by appearing on variety shows, and now it has been revealed that Leon Lai is set to star in a television drama.

As reported on EtNet, sources revealed that the Cantopop Heavenly King has recently accepted the offer to star in a 40-episode mainland drama called, “Overseas Security Officer”.

Leon reportedly will play the role of an officer of a special force, and will be travelling overseas including North Africa and Morocco to shoot the drama.

Sources alleged that Leon had actually received a lot of offers for his drama comeback, but decided to decline all of them due to his hectic schedule. He also reportedly didn’t find any interesting script until he reviewed “Overseas Security Officer”.

However, when asked to address the news about his drama comeback, Leon’s manager replied that the actor is currently away and cannot give any response for the time being.

Leon’s last two television dramas were “Class of Distinction”, which he starred in 1994 and “The Legendary Ranger, which was aired in 1993.

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