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Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming shared recently that he had a unique way of connecting with Victoria Song, co-star of his new drama, “A Life Time Love” – that is, by presenting her with durian.

The actor, who sat down for an interview with Tencent recently, shared that he felt like it was his duty to ensure that his co-star will get comfortable with him so that they could work together with ease.

“As a senior actor, I respect my co-star and hope that she has a happy time doing the project with me. That way, she can devote her energy to the performance,” said Huang.

Huang said that, often times when his co-stars are not familiar with the rest of the cast and crew, he will do his best to make everything easier for them.

“This time, I would often buy durian for Victoria. It makes her very happy and she becomes more relaxed. We would talk and it helped in cultivating the emotions needed to play our roles right. Sometimes, I would also share some of my experiences, in hopes that it would help her a lot,” he said.

The actor also added confidently that the drama is Victoria’s best performance yet.