Singapore-born actress Gina Lim has recently given birth to her first child.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress, who married Taiwanese actor Chang Han last year, announced the good news online on June 4th with a photo of the footprint of her newborn.

“Baby girl, we have finally met each other. Little Han Bao is a treasure. [Born] at 3.8kg, I admire the successful natural birth!,” she wrote.

It was also revealed that the couple has decided to give the baby the English name, Freya.

According to sources, Gina went into labour a few days ago, accompanied by her husband. Although the labour process was tiring for her due to the size of her baby, she is very happy to finally be able to hold her child.

The actress is currently recuperating at home.

(Photo Source: news.ebc.net.tw)