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Hari Raya Aidilfitri will never be complete without creative Raya advertisements with valuable moral values and heartwarming messages that will further strengthen the holiday spirit.

However, instead of listing out all the new ads we have for this year; we’ve listed out eight of the funniest Raya ads of all time, and surprisingly, some of the ones from this year made it onto our list too!

1. TNB – Dugaan Raya Aida (2017)

Probably the best Raya commercial TNB has ever come up with! The ad is funny, colourful, creative and just full of emotion. But what makes the ad so attractive is the skillful editing and special effects used.

2. TV3 – Oghang Pilah

It is unsure what year this ad was actually released, but it is a classic TV3 ad featuring veteran actress Adibah Noor as a taxi driver. The ad is simple, hilarious and truthful, and seems to reflect the Malaysian society of back then and today as well.

3. TM – Adik (2014)

This ad is actually a continuation to TM’s 2013 Raya commercial, “Puasa Yang Yuk”. But sadly that one didn’t make it on this list, as this one is a lot funnier, mostly thanks to the adorable child actress, Arissa.

4. Proton – Pakai Tali Pinggang (2007)

Unlike most conventional Raya commercials, this short ad stands more on the spooky side, which might creep you out a bit at the beginning, but the ending is hilarious as it highlights a very important message, “Wear your seatbelt!”  This ad also features Adibah Noor.

5. TV3 – Cekodok Monster (2007)

This is another Adibah Noor-starring advertisement which highlights the value of sharing and how heat can really distort your reality, so stay hydrated this Raya!

6. Hypp TV – Pengorbanan Ayah (2017)

Featuring “Senario” star Azlee Jaafar, the ad shows two brothers who are always fighting, and every time they fight, their father will gain something from it. However, their father makes it clear to the siblings that the gain is actually his “sacrifice” towards them.

7. TM – Kampung Batu 311 Diselubungi Misteri (2017)

Another adorable ad from TM which could also be one of their best yet. The ad was complimented for its beautiful cinematography, and the style seems to be inspired by Hollywood director Wes Anderson.

8. U Mobile – Maafkan Kami (2017)

Raya is all about forgive and forget, and that’s exactly what telco company U Mobile is trying to do – they’re asking for forgiveness in the form of a song sang by local band Kyoto Protocol. Titled as “Maafkan Kami”, the song was originally sung by local entertainment icon P.  Ramlee in “Pendekar Bujang Lapok”, but of course, Kyoto Protocol gave the song a little modern spin to it.