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Television and radio personality Elaine Ng has no problem with her daughter’s sexuality, if it’s true that Etta is currently dating a popular internet star named Andi.

As reported on Now News, Elaine, who appeared at a cosmetic event recently, stated that her mindset has changed a lot since what happened previously, and that she would welcome any relationship as long as it would make Etta happy.

“It doesn’t matter to me. I am more worried if she told me she’s pregnant and that I will be a grandmother!,” she said, jokingly.

Elaine added that as long as Etta finds someone kind who loves her and can take care of her, she would be open to accept that person into the family.

Nonetheless, she believes that Etta and Andi are just friends.

“She is just 17, and still trying to get to know people. I don’t know how it will turn up. Even if she is dating this girl, it would not necessarily become the only one,” she said.

When asked if Andi was the reason for their big fight that ended with Etta’s hospitalisation before, Elaine denied it, saying that it was not the fault of other people but her own.

(Photo Source: hk.on.cc)