All aboard the Pika choo-choo train!

In collaboration with the Pokémon Company, Japan’s JR East railway company has designed a Pikachu-themed train as part of the “Pokémon with You” disaster relief project.

After the devastating 2011 earthquake in Japan, “Pokémon with You” has taken over Japan Railway East in 2012 with a Pokémon-themed sightseeing train.

For the last five years, this train has travelled to Japan’s coastline and back, delighting young Pokémon fans looking to enjoy a special daytrip.

Now, starting from 15 July, the train is getting a Pikachu-themed makeover where both the exterior and interior will be covered entirely in Pikachu.

The new exterior is covered with dozens of Pikachu images, and the front corners of the lead car even sports rosy-red cheeks, while the back car has brown back stripes and even a jagged yellow tail which are meant to represent Pikachu.

Meanwhile, the interior has also been Pika-fied with every seat and also carpet featuring an outline of the famous electric rodent

There’s also a special Pikachu play area with stuffed Pikachu toys for younger kids to enjoy.

Like its predecessor, the Pikachu train will be on the Ofunato line and run from Ichinoseki to Kesennuma station.

The train will run on select days in July, August, and September. Tickets can be reserved up to a month in advance, so fans can schedule their trip accordingly.

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