Actress Bella Lam recently made her first media appearance since announcing her breakup with Alex Yung for the second time and revealed that this time it’s for good.

As reported on Mingpao, the “Fist Within Four Walls” actress who patched things up with her actor boyfriend soon after they ended their relationship in August 2016, recently announced that they have gone their separate ways again.

“But this time, we really are finished. I wouldn’t dare to hide it from everyone. We’ve broken up for more than a month now,” she said.

Bella stated that they did try to give their relationship a chance after last year’s breakup, which she previously said was caused by their hectic schedule.

“We’ve tried to work things out and solve our issues. But ultimately, it doesn’t work. Plus with the pressure from my mother, we decided to separate,” she said.

When asked what she meant by “pressure from the mother”, Bella said that her mother thinks her career is progressing slowly and that she should be focusing on her job and not her romantic relationship.

“Alex and I are now just ordinary friends. This is what we have decided,” she said.

(Photo Source: Bella Lam Instagram)