Barbie Hsu and husband Wang Xiaofei recently appeared at an event together, where they properly addressed rumours of a third pregnancy.

As reported on Epoch Times, previously the actress sparked pregnancy rumours again when she was spotted visiting a gynaecologist with her husband, and was then photographed on the streets with what looked like a baby bump.

She had since denied the rumours, claiming that she hasn’t shed her previous pregnancy weight fully and will not rush into losing it, especially after experiencing heart problems because of her dieting before.

Speaking to the media recently, Barbie appeared alongside Wang at the opening of his new business venture, S Hotel, and responded to criticism about her physique, saying, “I am not a young woman anymore. It’s harder to restore the body to its original size like in the past.”

The 40-year-old actress admitted that while she was a size XXS in her 20s, she has now learned to love herself and not force herself to regain her old body. Barbie added that she will continue to exercise and eat healthy food, but just for the sake of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, her husband Wang Xiaofei stressed that Barbie’s physique is not as bad as it was described, and that the unflattering paparazzi photo circulating online was taken at a wrong angle.

When asked if she is not worried that her new body image would not be liked by her husband, Barbie laughed and said, “He wouldn’t dare! I exercise every day. I maintain my physique for my husband, and I maintain my health for my children.”

As to reports saying that she and husband have agreed to either undergo vasectomy or tubal ligation, Barbie responded, “We have discussed this after our second child was born. We’re going to consult a doctor in Taiwan or Beijing. After all, it is a major decision.”

(Photo Source: epochtimes.com)