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During the recent Urbanscapes week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian pop punk band An Honest Mistake threw an amazing launch party for their spanking new remix album, “An Honest Mixtape”.

The album features 16 tracks remixed by local and regional electronic producers such as FuzzCulture and Curtain Blue from India, Southway and LoveXStereo from Korea, Mitch Advent from Singapore, and various local electronic acts like Cuurley, Naufal & i-Sky, Stellar Dreams and ENOPE, just to name a few.

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(L-R) Sher from DVA, Darren Teh, and Roshan Jamrock

The album represents the growing electronic music scene in Malaysia and to also showcase the talented individuals involved – the people of Asia.

“I wanted to put these artistes together on one giant compilation CD that represents Malaysia. There are six regional artistes on this album and I want to use that to cross borders. I want to create more opportunities for music exchange across the region. This album is like a ticket for everyone to use to travel across the region,” said Darren Teh, frontman of An Honest Mistake.

“Essentially, I’m just connecting the dots for people and people with people. The album is for the scene and for us all. I believe strongly in this album because it’s not so much about my band but everyone that worked on it. They are the true stars of the album.” he added.

In conjunction with the launch of their remix album, An Honest Mistake has released a whopping collection of 13 music videos!

It’s a massive colab feat we think no Malaysian band has achieved just yet, until now!

From, DJs, musicians, models, videographers and more, the videos most definitely features all the diverse creative talents the bands has worked with, so what are ya waiting for?  Check em’ all out below!