It is always a lot easier to use ride-hailing services like Uber and Grab when going out on the weekends or when heading somewhere nearby.

For starters, you don’t have to worry about finding parking lots, or you don’t have feel stress in a traffic jam, ‘cos that’s the driver’s job. All you need to do is sit back and relax comfortably inside the car.

But of course, there are times when your drivers will attempt to communicate and be nice with you in order to get on your good sides, and this is also because it’s part of their job.

As much as we love our Uber and Grab drivers, sometimes, certain drives can go a little bit overboard with their friendliness (or unfriendliness).

See if you’re familiar with these drivers below.

1. The chatterbox

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This kind of driver is usually very friendly and helpful. They can talk about anything from A to Z, and let’s just say, throughout the journey, their mouths are never shut. The shy and quiet passengers might find it hard to deal with this kind of driver, but they usually have no ill intention, just overly friendly and talkative.

2. The silent type


Contrary to the chatterbox, this driver is a quiet and shy type, and wouldn’t spout a word throughout the journey. The better ones would at least turn on the radio, while others entertain you with the sound of car engine. Even if you try to talk to them, at most, they would reply only in a single, short, sentence. So take a hint – they don’t want to talk!

3. The flirt

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Similar to the chatterbox, this driver talks with a motive. They usually started off with common questions like “What’s your job?” or “Where are you from?”, and then move on to more personal questions like “Are you married?” or “Are you seeing anyone?”. So if you received those kinds of questions, it is obvious that the driver is into you, so be careful!

4. The newbie

This driver is always lost, and sometimes he or she would in turn ask you how the app works. When you get out of the car, they would also ask if you’re using cash or card, even though it’s already indicated in the app. So from there, you can assume that the driver is new, though they would usually admit it themselves.

5. The salesman


Also similar to the chatterbox and the flirt, this driver would try to gain your affection but with a different motive. They would start off by telling you their own stories and why they become Grab or Uber drivers, and then start to tell you about their other jobs with the hope that you would support them. These drivers are usually credit-card or insurance salesman.

6. The flatterer


This driver would endlessly throw compliments at you, not because they’re into you or anything, but because they want you to give them a five-star rating. They would constantly remind you to give them five stars even though their service might not be the best.

7. The whiner

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Another talkative driver who can’t stop complaining. The driver would usually complain about probably other riders, drivers or the management of the apps. It’s quite a useful insight as you get to hear how the drivers gain from the service and what are their losses.

8. The absent mind

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This driver is always lost too, but not because he or she is new, but it is because they are always not paying attention to their surroundings. Sometimes, they’re in daze, sometimes it’s because they’re too busy telling you stories or talking on the phones, and other times is because they forgot that they have a passenger at the back of their seat.

9. The GPS denier


The know-it-all! This driver knows every single corner, short-cuts, and long-cuts of every road. Usually it’s because they are former cab drivers or maybe because their main or former jobs require them to drive on the street a lot. So, they would keep telling you that they’re going the right way, even though your GPS shows another road – and most of the time, they are right!

10. The curious man

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This driver is like an investigator. He or she likes to hear feedbacks from the customers. Instead of complaining, they want to know what you think of the service so that they can use as knowledge or to improve themselves.

11. The Grab/Uber hater

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Since both Grab and Uber offer similar service, some drivers tend to get a little competitive. They would bash each other and claim that their service are always the better ones, and if you think otherwise, they would refute you like there’s no tomorrow!