The popular American breastaurant chain opened a branch in Jakarta, Indonesia almost two months ago, and unlike its American counterparts, the Indonesian outlet appears to be more family-friendly as it applies a no smoking rule and has no age restrictions, according to The Jakarta Post.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the fact that the restaurant still hires beautiful young girls who will still be wearing the Hooters’ iconic uniforms – tank top and short runner shorts.

Also, with the month of Ramadan drawing near, we wonder how Hooters will cope during the holy month since every year, there are always stories about certain nightlife businesses being forced to shut down by the government or extreme Islamist groups, out of respect to the Muslim community in Indonesia.

However, it would seem like Hooters Jakarta has already prepared for the occasion.

According to Coconuts Jakarta, the restaurant will have its waiters dress up more appropriately during the holy fasting month to show respect to the Indonesian customs and the fasting Muslims.

“What will be different is the uniform, for example. The top will feature a higher cut, and we’ll wear longer skirts instead of shorts,” said Hooters Jakarta General Manager Sherry Suradji.

Sherry also said that during the Ramadan month, Hooters Jakarta will also be serving special Ramadan items like takjil, which is a common food served during the fasting month.

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