The Japanese are always known for their unique, hilarious and sometimes bizarre way of promoting certain brands, just look at their commercials – they’re always funny and crazy but the message is always delivered.

And now enter the Daihatsu Wake commercials which has been going viral!

Daihatsu Wake is a kei car, in other words – a Japanese category of small and compact vehicles with an engine capacity under 1 litre and is very fuel efficient.

From the compilation of Daihatsu Wake ads that we have watched, the main protagonist who is referred to as An-chan, keeps trying to make adjustments to his non-Daihatsu car to make it more convenient, but he does it in the most bizarre of ways, like cutting off the roof top of his car or putting a tatami mat on top of it.

Every time he does something drastic to his car, his friend would then point out that the features are already available with the Daihatsu Wake.

So basically, the commercials are trying to point out that despite Daihatsu Wake is categorised as a small and compact vehicle, it is still very roomy and can fit in a lot of items including bicycles, cooler boxes, and is also suitable for picnics.

But the main attraction of the commercials is the silly reactions of the characters, especially the dramatic An-chan who keeps trying to come up with new over-the-top features that the Daihatsu Wake doesn’t have, but hilariously fails every single time.

Check out the hilarious compilation of ads featuring An-chan’s many silly attempts!