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MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong sparked various speculations recently after he suddenly cancelled a scheduled press conference and future trips.

As reported on UDN News, Xu, who made headlines recently for knocking down Tai Chi master Wei Lei in less than ten seconds, was scheduled to hold a press conference recently to announce his plan to defeat all martial arts fighters.

However, a day before the press meet, his rep shared online, “Due to some physical problems, Xu Xiaodong has decided to temporarily cancel the press conference and thank everyone for their attention.”

When asked about it, his assistant shared that Xu is physically exhausted due to his hectic schedule, coupled with other aspects of pressure.

“We need to take it slow. It’s not just about the fight, but there are other aspects as well,” said the rep.

While that was the reason given by his assistant, many are speculating that the Chinese government might have pressured the MMA fighter to cancel his tour so not to further hurt the Chinese martial arts, which is considered one of China’s important cultural heritage.

When asked about it, the rep stated, “I will not make any further comments.”

(Photo Source: Xu Xiaodong Weibo)