Chinese entertainment critic Song Zude seems to be in a dire need of a confession from Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse about their relationship, what with his previous disgusting vow which will be expiring soon.

As most would remember, last month, Song revealed online that he was told by his sources that the Feng-Fei couple have already broken up last year, and are faking their romance nowadays for the sake of profit.

He also alleged that the couple decided to end their relationship after Faye refused to tie the knot with Nic.

Confident with the information given to him, Song then vowed to eat 400 grams worth of dog poo if it turns out that the rumours are fake, and told everybody that he will give the couple until 24 May to tell the truth.

According to Tencent, on 23 May, Song went online again, and reiterated his vow, saying that he is a man of integrity and would do what he promised.

Directing his message to Faye, he wrote, “At this critical moment, I hope you would have the conscience to come out with the truth. Are you still in a relationship with Nicholas Tse?”

He alleged that people would not believe the previous response made by the Tse family about them still being together, since they are all a family of actors. Therefore, he said, he will turn to Faye for the answer.

“You are a devout Buddhist. Please do not lie,” he pointed out.

Song added that he will give Faye two more months to consider, and that the songstress should tell the truth on 8 August.

When asked to comment about Song’s latest post, Nic’s manager Mani Fok responded, “There is nothing to say. Thank you.”

On the other hand, Netizens who read the post stated that Song is just buying time so that he wouldn’t have to eat his own words, or worse – dog poo.

(Photo Source:hk.on.cc)