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After expressing his love for nasi lemak via an ala-90s song, Malaysian singer Sid Murshid is now singing another song, also in the 90s karaoke style – about one of his favourite snack food which he describes as “the most powerful snack”: pisang goreng.

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Pisang goreng (fried banana) is a tea time snack commonly sold at stalls by the bustling streets of Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei and the Philippines.

In the song, the Universal Music Malaysia artiste demonstrates the correct way of frying the snack using the recipe from Restoran Ala D’Sid – just like how he did in for his nasi lemak song.

The video also features Alicia Amin, a model and contestant from “Asia’s Next Top Model” Cycle 5 who is seen sexily peeling off the banana skin and eating the pisang goreng cooked by Sid.

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Pisang goreng is not the only thing that Sid is good at frying apparently! He also shows off his guitar goreng skills in the video! (Note: “goreng” means frying, so in the Malay slang, guitar goreng simply means freestyling and solo-ing on the guitar.)

Let’s not forget the end credits of the video as well, where Sid comically lists out the director, singer, lyricist and music composer of the video– who are all him of course – and also the things that his mom sponsored for the music video, which includes cooking oil, wok, and flour, but not the bananas!

Also, this is not the first time that Sid Murshid had made cooking tutorials. Though the nasi lemak one may be the first accompanied by a song, he previously did other videos for fried chicken, lamb stew and roast chicken recipes which makes no sense at all, but are still entertaining all the same!