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Hong Kong filmmaker Pang Ho Cheung is planning to create a television series based on the hairy monster that came out in the opening of his romance movie, “Love Off the Cuff”.

Pang, who has made it a trademark to start all the Jimmy-Cherie movies with a horror scene, shared on Facebook that a lot of people have expressed their interest to know more about the monster that came out in the third instalment, known as Gat Gat Gong.

The director shared that he heard about Gat Gat Gong from his wife, producer Subi Liang, who told him that her mother used to tell her stories about the creature before going to bed.

“I thought to myself, that is a horrible bedtime story to tell, so I decided to use it in the film,” he said.

The good news is, Pang is currently developing the monster into a 13-episode television series where Gat Gat Gong will be the “protagonist”.

In a previous interview at the banquet celebrating the success of “Love Off the Cuff” at the box office, Pang shared that he has no plans to make another Jimmy-Cherie movie, but will be developing a drama about “a monster that specialises in eating girls.”

(Photo Source: Pang Ho Cheung Facebook)