When it comes to taunting Chinese entertainment critic, Song Zude in creative fashion, you can leave it to Nicholas Tse’s fans to do the job.

As reported on Mingpao News, recently, fans shared an edited photo of “Chef” Nic holding dog poop on a stick online to remind Song that he has yet to show evidence that the actor has broken up with his lady love, songstress Faye Wong.

To recap, last week, Song stated that he has good source that Nic and Faye have broken up, and even made a vow that he will eat 400 grams of dog poop if it turns out to be a lie.

Accompanying the photo, which was published on both Facebook and Sina Weibo, fans wrote, “Find some real man, time to eat “poop”! This weekend, Chef Nic’s “poop” is on limited sale. Not available in stores.”

Song has yet to make any response to the issue since his first statement to the media.

(Photo Source: Nicholas Tse Fans Club Weibo)