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Annoyed by Song Zude’s constant pestering, actor Nicholas Tse recently released a statement saying that he will not hesitate to sue any party spreading fabricated news about him.

As reported on Mingpao, Chinese showbiz critic Song Zude, who previously promised to eat 400 grams worth of dog poo if his rumour about Nic and Faye Wong’s breakup wasn’t true, posted a message online recently that he has supposedly won the war.

“Nicholas Tse has lost. But I am a gracious person. I will not force him to eat [dog poo],” wrote Song (he previously stated that Nic should be the one eating the dog poo if the rumour turns out to be true).

He later added, “I win. Nicholas Tse’s [manager] has officially admitted that Nic and Faye have broken up. I wouldn’t want to see Nic eat [dog poo] although he has lost.”

Annoyed by Song’s constant harassment, Nic recently entrusted his lawyers to handle the issue, who subsequently sent a letter to Song and issued a statement about the fabricated reports on the internet.

In the statement, Nic’s representative stressed that it is not true that the actor’s manager [Mani Fok] has acknowledged the breakup, and that they never made any response regarding the matter.

It also stated that Netizens and media alike should stop spreading the false news, or they will be held accountable as well.

“Emperor Entertainment, Mr Nicholas Tse and Ms Mani Fok retain the right to pursue the parties responsible, and will resolutely fight against cyberbullying through legal means,” it added.

Following the statement’s release, it was found that Song has deleted all related posts.

(Photo Source: Nicholas Tse Facebook)