TVB actress Natalie Tong couldn’t help but burst into tears when the media asked her about rumours that she has been dating Sun Century Group’s Executive Director, Lo Kai Bong not long after she and Tony Hung broke up.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress was calmly denying the rumours at first, clarifying that she only met Lo at a birthday party and that they have nothing to do with each other.

However, she began to tear up when she questioned the media as to why she was targeted and labeled as the bad and materialistic woman who only wants to marry rich.

“I have been in [showbiz] for ten years. I have been working very hard and just want people to see and appreciate my work. I have never been a greedy woman, not before, not now, and not after. In my world, love is love,” she said.

She added that she finds it unfair and damaging to her reputation that people are making up rumours about her.

When asked if she has contacted Lo about the rumours, Natalie responded, “I do not want to talk about a person who has nothing to do with me.”

As for reasons of her breakup with Tony, Natalie stated that it is between her and the actor, and that nobody else has the right to know about their private life.

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