After much speculations, Natalie Tong and Tony Hung recently announced that they are ending their relationship of two years.

As reported on Mingpao, the couple, who sparked rumours of breakup after Tony was absent from Natalie’s birthday party early this month, released their separate statements at the same time via social media.

Natalie, who shared her statement on Weibo, wrote, “It’s hard to start a relationship, and it’s harder to end it, especially when two people really love each other.”

“Two years is not a short period of time. Tony and I experienced a lot of ups and downs throughout our relationship. We mutually care and have been supportive of each other. Through this period of time, we learned more about each other and our own self. But after careful consideration, we think the best for this relationship is for us to be good friends,” she continued.

Natalie also said they are grateful for the blessings during the period of their relationship, and though there have been too many speculations and false reports about them, they hope that the public will respect their decision and give them some space.

Finally, she thanked Tony for all the wonderful time they shared together.

On the other hand, Tony released a shorter message on Instagram, which read, “We have chosen to get along in a different way. We have broken up peacefully. It was a mutual decision.”

He also denied that there is a third party that caused the breakup, and asked for the public not to make any speculations.

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