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Namewee’s record-breaking song “Stranger in the North” (漂向北方) featuring Chinese-America pop star Wang Lee Hom, has recently reached 20 million views on YouTube.

Released on 4 March, the music video for the song is Namewee’s fastest video to reach a million views – within a mere two days!

The collaboration with Wang Lee Hom happened after Namewee sent him a demo of the song which the Asian pop king immediately agreed to.

The song is so successful that it has garnered various covers and parodies from a variety of music artistes and YouTube talents.

From mashup to a capella, EDM and language mix, the myriad of artistes showcase their creativity by injecting their own style and personality into the pop song.

Here are some of our best picks.

1. Boon Hui Lu (文慧如) – Female version
2. Priscilla Abby (蔡恩雨) – EDM version
3. Ariel Tsai (蔡佩軒) – Female version (instrumental)
4. Kim X MP (凱開 X胡鬧一番) – Group version
5. S. White (羅小白) – Drum version
6. MICappella (麥克瘋) – A capella version
7. Gaston Pong (龐圭武) – Mix languages version
8. William (陈建宏) feat Catherine(梁佩颖) – Male-female version
9. A-Team – Boy band version
10. Shine (鄧雨心) feat Fara Dolhadi – Female version

11. 100 Really (100種理想) – Parody version
12. Austin Lee (李建軒) feat Shellen (舒涵) – Male-female version
13. Edward (章国伟) – Mashup version