A mainland director’s ambition to helm China’s version of a zombie movie was met with criticism when it appeared that his movie seemed to look eerily like the hit South Korean horror, “Train to Busan”.

As reported on Epoch Times, director Liu Zhidong, who also stars in the upcoming film, “Shenshan Xing” (or translated as “The Mountain Line” or “Train to the Mountains”), was blasted by Netizens for supposedly copying the Korean movie, not only in its title, but also plot-wise.

According to sources, the upcoming movie focuses on a man and his daughter on a train ride to his mother’s residence for a birthday celebration when they encounter a zombie attack.

Even the poster, showing an already infected man holding a girl in his arms, is similar to one of “Train to Busan” posters – of the bloodied main character (played by Gong Yoo) running away from a flock of zombies while holding his daughter.

“Do you even have to copy the poster too? Isn’t that too much?,” one Netizen commented.

“It’s a disgrace if it reaches South Korea!” said another. “What a blatant plagiarism.”

The movie has been filming since April in Suzhou and is expected to be released in summer.

(Photo Source: SinChew.com.my)