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Jerry Yan recently responded for the first time regarding rumours of reconciliation with ex-girlfriend, Lin Chi-ling.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actor, who appeared in Taiwan after a long time for a baseball tournament recently, was all smiles when asked about previous reports of his reconciliation with the model.

Previously, Jerry kept a silent attitude towards the rumours, while Lin responded positively to the idea of rekindling their romance.

Lin had since stated that she will “throw the ball in his court”, meaning that she would let Jerry answer such questions in the future, although added that they have been in contact with each other.

Jerry, who seemed to be in a good mood as he spoke to the media recently, admitted to have been in contact with Lin, although added that it was a long time ago.

As to whether they are willing to get together again, the actor said, “That depends on her. Let’s see what she thinks.”

When asked if he would ask her if she is willing, he laughed and responded, “That’s correct.”

(Photo Source: itc.cn)