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While Mother’s Day is a happy occasion to celebrate mothers all around the world, Taiwanese singer-actor Jeremy Liu said that this year’s Mother’s Day will be an emotional one for him because of his mother’s health condition.

According to Mingpao, the actor, who is the son of Taiwan’s godfather of Taiwan music Liu Jia-chang and ‘70s popular actress Zhen Zhen, shared that his mother is still recuperating from the previous hemorrhage sustained after falling down the stairs at a relative’s house back in January.

Jeremy shared that while she has already undergone a successful operation, he is still concerned about her health, as she is also suffering from hypertension and diabetes.

“We say the words ‘Happy Mothers’ Day’, but right now, I am not feeling very happy,” he said.

Jeremy admitted that he has been taking care of Zhen since the incident to ensure that she is recovering well.

“I just took my mother to the hospital for a check-up. If everything is fine, we will travel to Hong Kong or back to Taiwan to visit friends and relatives,” he said.

The actor added that after seeing his mother’s previous condition, he felt like he needed to step up and be the one to protect her all the time.

(Photo source: epochtimes.com)