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Taiwanese singer Jeannie Hsieh has recently released a statement to express her thoughts about the death of her father, Taiwanese comedian, Chu Ke-liang.

As reported on Taiwan News, the statement, released a few hours after Chu passed away on 15 May, read, “Father sadly passed away this morning in his sleep, heading to [heaven]. All of the family members were at his side till the end. My brothers, sisters and I helped father to freshen up and helped him wear handsome clothes.”

Jeannie stated that Chu died without any suffering, and will keep on performing for his audience in a better place.

“Please say kind words and be joyful, to help my father move on to the [afterlife] solemnly and peacefully, to let him feel no more pain, and have a perfect end to his life. Thank you Daddy!,” she added.

Jeannie, who reconciled with her father after it was reported that his cancer had metastasized, shared that she was able to accompany him during his illness.

She also added that Chu had expressed his wish for her.

“Father told me it is a great pleasure for him that I have the honour to attend the Tzu Huei Temple celebration in New York. I’ll make great efforts and do my best to finish the performance to make my father proud! Pray for mercy to the Goddess!”

(Photo Source: ltn.com.tw)