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As Japan’s AV (Adult Video) industry is facing a severe shortage of male actors, a particular Japan AV company called Tokyo Dreams will be coming to Kuala Lumpur to look for potential male porn stars.

As unbelievable as the news sounds, it has been reported that the company has previously held auditions in Singapore and had successfully found five male actors out of the 25 men who attended the auditions.

In an interview with a supposed news site called Sunday Register, studio recruitment manager Shime Tashiaki was supposedly quoted saying, “We saw some excellent actors at the Singapore auditions and offered a total of five contracts to the men who performed best.”

“We now hope to find more talented actors at our Malaysian auditions, due to be held in Kuala Lumpur. At this point we are in the process of finding a suitable venue.”

Okay, first of all, we’re pretty sure that this kind of thing is illegal in Malaysia, but according to an unverified report from Press Union, the Singapore auditions were done secretly where the producers did not announce the time and location, but instead shared a series of clues for the men to figure it out, which explains why only 25 people showed up.

The Malaysian audition should follow the same process, but we’re not sure if they’re able to pull off the same trick, considering that Malaysia is somewhat a conservative country and wind of the auditions would definitely spark rage among the religious!

Also, this is not the first time that this matter has supposedly been brought up.

Rumours about JAV auditions in Malaysia has been ongoing for the past few years, and we’re not sure if the past auditions actually happened for real, or did the company manage to cover it up so well that no one really found out.

For now (interested applicants *ahem*), take note that the Malaysian auditions will allegedly be held “from mid to late June”.

(Photo source: battypost.com)