With her wedding coming in July, Grace Wong recently shared how she and her long-time boyfriend Daniel first met.

As reported on Mingpao, the TVB actress, who hail from New York, revealed that she knew him way before she became famous.

“It was at a cafe [in New York]. I was the waitress and he was my customer. After we met for the first time, he made sure to check the schedule for my work shift,” said Grace.

The actress shared that Daniel would then came by the cafe during her work hours.

“He would just sit there and pretend like he was reading. He also left me a lot of tips,” she added.

Grace said that only after a few visits that Daniel finally found the courage to talk to her, adding that she could tell how nervous he was.

“Every time we think back to that moment, we would have a smile on our face,” she said, adding that they are considering having their wedding photoshoot at the said cafe.

On the other hand, the actress also shared photos from her pre-wedding shoot, which was held in Florence, Italy.

The couple will be walking down the aisle on 11 July.

(Photo Source: Grace Wong Instagram)