Mainland actress Liu Jie was pronounced dead on the scene in a tragic incident that shocked many recently.

As reported on Epoch Times, the tragedy occurred late last month, when Liu and her fiancé was visiting her grandmother at a hospital in Kunming.

Sources claimed that the couple reportedly bumped into a drunk man while turning on a corner and was scolded by the man, who rudely spewed profanity at them. Liu, who couldn’t accept the man’s rudeness, decided to respond to the drunk man’s words, triggering dispute between them.

However, the incident turned fatal when the said man brandished a knife and stabbed her fiercely with it, hitting right at her heart and spleen, causing her immediate death.

The actress’ fiancé was also injured in the incident after being stabbed at his leg with the same knife.

A female doctor who was at the scene shared that the actress’ fiancé was running away and screaming “Murderer!” while the drunk man chased after him. She later found Liu lying in a pool of blood and immediately took her to the emergency room but failed to resuscitate her. The drunk man had since been arrested.

She was 28.

Liu and her fiancé reportedly just returned from Thailand for their wedding photo-shoot, and had been preparing for their upcoming wedding prior to the tragedy.

(Photo Source: Liu Jie Weibo)