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Charlene Choi revealed recently that aside from being the breadwinner in her family, she also pays for her cousin’s overseas tuition fee.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer made the revelation recently, when she appeared at the relaunch of a Furla store in Central.

Charlene, who was asked if she would buy her mother a limited edition bag from the brand, laughed and said, “I rarely bought a handbag for her since I usually get them for free. My mum is happiest when she gets free gifts.”

She added jokingly that not having to pay for the bags means she saves a lot of money for the monthly expenses.

When asked if she has huge expenses, the singer shared that she pays the mortgage, the car, their pet dogs, the hired staff, and also takes care of the whole family.

This includes a cousin, says Charlene, who is studying in the United Kingdom.

When asked why would she sponsor her cousin, the singer said, “When I was a child, I wanted to study abroad. But our family’s financial situation made it impossible for me to do that. Since I have no brother or sister, and my cousin is like a sister to me, I decided to help her so that she would not waste the talent that she has.”

On the other hand, when asked if she has plans to settle down, Charlene said that she wants to focus on her work to make more money for the family.

(Photo Source: Charlene Choi Instagram)