Ten years after starring in “The Wandering Songstress”, Cecilia Cheung is back with another television drama, “Perhaps, Love” (also known as “Love Won’t Wait”).

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who only made the one television drama back in 2008 before focusing on her movie career as well as her life as a parent to sons Lucas and Quintus, previously shared that she declined accepting television dramas since she couldn’t bear to leave her sons for a long period of time – something that she would have to do to film a drama project.

However, with Lucas turning ten this August, the actress decided that it is time for her to make her comeback.

Currently filming in Suzhou, Cecilia is working under the direction of the same team that brought the hit 2015 drama, “Diamond Lover”.

The actress shared recently that another reason why she decided to accept the project was because the character offered to her felt very similar to her real self.

The upcoming drama, scheduled for a 2018 release, also stars Taiwanese actor Vanness Wu.