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J-pop superstar Ayumi Hamasaki has announced that she will become completely deaf soon.

The J-pop princess revealed the news on her blog Team Ayu on Saturday, talking about her current health condition and revealing that her right ear has started to weaken after years of compensating for her fully deaf left ear.

 She wrote on her blog as translated by Arama Japan;

 “Just before this year’s tour began I received a second blow – my hearing started to deteriorate further. My semicircular canals had blown, and I was experiencing crippling dizziness. I wasn’t able to walk in a straight line, and was often reduced to vomiting in the restroom at the rehearsal studio. I tried to put a brave face on things, but was told after various hearing tests that my right ear (which had been working overtime to compensate for my deaf left ear) was weakening fast. I don’t have a clear memory of my journey home after that. I just remember wondering how I, as a singer, would cope with two useless ears. Other than that, I was in darkness.”

Hamasaki, 38, who is the best-selling Japanese solo artiste of all time, has been deaf in her left ear since 2008. Her ear condition was caused by a cold and an ear infection back in 2000.

Back then, Hamasaki was told to ease her exposure to loud noises and clear up her immense schedule so that her ear infection could heal, but Hamasaki ignored the warnings and continued touring and doing music performances.

“The stage is where I belong. It’s the only place I really, truly exist. I don’t know anything else. There’s no point in worrying about what lies ahead. I will keep listening, even if I can’t hear. I will keep moving, even if I can’t move. I’m not looking for sympathy or pity. I will hold my head high and keep going forward until my last breath,” she continued in her post.