Remember when we thought Yuna, Harith Iskander, Zizan Razak and Siti Nordiana might be appearing in a superhero film? Well, turns out it is just an advertisement for the Japanese uncarbonated soft drink brand, Calpis.

“I finally get to share this! My first time in a superhero costume on screen! Had so much fun working on it and loved my character!,” Yuna shared on her social media pages.

When a short clip showing the four stars clad in superhero costumes first surfaced on the internet, there had been speculations that they may be starring in a secret movie as there has been huge billboards all around Klang Valley featuring the four as superheroes with the headline, “Coming Soon, April 2017”.

calpis day 1
(Photo source: era.com)

We kind of knew that from the clip that it wouldn’t be a movie (our guess was it would have most probably been a music video), but the original uploader of the clip captioned the video in such a way to get everyone thinking twice.

(Photo source: siakapkeli.com)

Though it was only an ad, we have to admit that the one-minute long video was pretty cool as it features Yuna, Zizan Harith and Siti Nordiana, each representing different flavours – Yuna and Zizan represent the original flavour, Harith is mango, while Siti Nordiana represents grapes – fighting off an evil villain who comes in the form of a humongous but adorable cat.

All of them have various superpowers including self-multiplying, bubble shield, super speed, and bubble beam, and their costumes give off a “Fantastic Four” kind of vibe too.

We think that it would be pretty cool if they actually make a film out of this, because Yuna and Siti Nordiana look awesome as the first hijabi superheroines!