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Vivian Hsu recently made her fans laugh when she admitted that she has done what ordinary mothers would when sending their child to school for the first time.

The actress recently shared online that in order to help her son Dalton learn to socialise with other children, she and her husband have decided to send him to a playschool.

Although she was worried that her son would be lost without her, Vivian was surprised by what happened when she let him go, while she hid behind the gate of the said playschool to spy on him.

“I always think he needs me. But after two minutes of spying on him, I realised that my son is very independent, and he has been holding his teacher’s hand everywhere he goes,” she said.

Vivian added, “Originally I was worried that he will have separation anxiety. Now I am relieved. But I also feel both a sense of pride and a sense of loss. What is this wonderful but complicated feeling? Does anyone understand it?”

Vivian also shared a photo of her hiding behind the kindergarten’s wall, much to her fans’ enjoyment.

They assured Vivian that they all do the same thing, and loved the fact that the actress has the same anxiety as other mothers.

(Photo Source: Vivian Hsu Facebook)