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Both are known as heavyweights in martial arts movies, but it was only recently that Vincent Zhao and Sammo Hung were given the chance to collaborate with each other.

As reported on Sina, the two actors, who star in the upcoming Gordon Chan movie, “God of War”, shared that they are excited about the project since it would be their first movie together.

Sammo shared that while they crossed paths many times in the past, they were never paired up in a movie until this year.

“There was one time that an opportunity opened up for me to work with Sammo. But then I heard nothing about it for a long time, so I decided to shoot “Fong Sai Yuk” instead,” said Vincent.

Portraying General Qi Jiguang and sparring with Sammo Hung’s Commander Yu Dayou in “God of War”, Vincent said that he learned a lot from Sammo, just like his character did with Sammo’s character in the movie.

“To be able to play General Qi and spar with Sammo in the film, I must truly have done something good in my previous life,” said Vincent, causing Sammo to laugh.

Sammo admitted that the collaboration with Vincent was really fresh and fun for him.

“The fight felt really comfortable, and there were sparks everywhere. You just have to see it,” he said.

(Photo Source: Sina.cn)