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Veteran actor Phillip Ko has recently passed away.

As reported on Mingpao, news of his passing was announced by good friend, Ken Ho, who said that Philip, who had been suffering from prostate cancer, breathed his last in the hospital back on 31 March.

Phillip, known for his antagonistic roles, starred in many movies in the 1970s before making his debut as a film director in 1981 through, “Dirty Angel”. He has been involved in more than a hundred movies including “Flash Future Kung Fu”, “Angel Enforcers”, and “You Are My Destiny”.

According to Phillip’s son, the actor told him previously that he planned to make a new movie this year and wanted good friend Bryan Leung to star in it. However, his father’s health condition continued to deteriorate. He added that Phillip kept his condition a secret even from him, which is why his death affected the family a lot.

Friends of the industry have started to mourn the loss. Actor Andy Lau, who is currently recuperating from his accident, shared, “Another close action friend has left, there is regret in my heart. I have known [Philip] for many years, since the star soccer team. After leaving television I worked with him on movies. He was a great elder and taught us a lot.”

“I wish a safe journey for Ko Fei, my condolences to his family. We will always remember him,” he added.

He was 67.

(Photo Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc)