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Booths, the high-end grocery chain from North England has decided to expand beyond the North West for the first time, with a joint venture to sell its premium brand products in Malaysia.

Headed by Henry Booth, the company has signed an agreement with Hong Kong-listed retailer Dairy Farm who also brought us Cold Storage, Giant Hypermarkets and Guardian – to sell 40 of its best-selling products in 19 outlets across Malaysia.


The family-owned retailer is set to offer new markets a taste of its chutneys, jams, coffees and teas, flavoured water, healthy snacks and breakfast items.

“I’m very happy that British products made in the north west of England could have such a positive and enthusiastic reception on the other side of the world and I hope that the Malaysian customers will grow to love Booths’ products as much as the customers we serve in the UK,” said Booth as quoted by The Business Desk.

“There is a real fondness for heritage brands in Asia, and we hope the Booths story and products will capture their imaginations,” he added.


Often referred to as the “Waitrose of the North”, Booths started off as a tea dealer in 1847 in Blackpool, but now, it has become the first chain of supermarkets in the area, boasting 28 stores across the region in 2016.