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For its 20th anniversary, toy maker Bandai is re-releasing its iconic 90s gadget that became the hit go-to fad in the school playground back then – yes, we’re talking about Tamagotchi, the handheld digital pet, which was one of the biggest toy fads of the 1990s and early 2000s.

However, there are catches. The re-release will be just slightly smaller than the 90s version, and it’s only being released in Japan for JPY1,900 yen (USD22).

The popular egg-shaped device is available in six of its original colours, featuring the six original characters.

Released in 1996, the Tamagotchi game begins with an egg hatching into a character that players must look after through tasks like feeding it and cleaning up its droppings. Also, it will die if the tasks are neglected – how dramatic!

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Do you remember some other nostalgic toys that were the craze in the 80s and 90s?

Here are some that we remember.

1. The Fishing Game 

(Photo source: geniegadgets.com)

2. Old Maid, Donkey, Happy Family, and Snap 

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(Photo source: groupme.my)

3. Batu Seremban

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(Photo source: handmadedelight.blogspot.my)

4. Congkak 

Congkak Game for Rent
(Phoro source: carnivalworld.sg)

5. Furby 

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(Photo source: lifedeathprizes.com)

6. Troll dolls

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(Photo source: los40.com)

7. Plastic Balloons 

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(Photo source: mashable.com)

8. Pick-up Sticks

pick up sticks
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