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Songkran Festival AKA the water festival is the Thai people’s New Year’s festival and is one of the most celebrated events in Thailand.

But this year, several new rules have been implemented for the festivity including a ban on sexy outfits and dance moves – yep, you read that right!

Earlier in March, the Thai government announced the ban of water splashing at the festival due to the shortage of water in Thailand, and recently, there is also a strict ban on traffic due to the many accidents that usually take place during the annual Songkran Festival – 442 people died on the roads last year.

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In addition to the two new rules, the government also put the police on the lookout for those with skimpy outfits and suggestive dance moves – which means, no more twerking, butt-slapping, or any other dance moves that can get the opposite (or same) sex excited!

So we guess that moves like these are a no go.

Nope! Too much hip movement!

Making Snoop Dogg do this is just wrong!

There’re two offenses here – sexy moves and Channing Tatum (Because he’s hot!)

This is wrong because it’s Justin Bieber!

For those who STILL dance suggestively or wear suggestive clothing, they will be slapped with a fine of THB5,000.

According to Deputy Commissioner Pol. Maj. Gen. Sompong Chingduang, this is done to protect people from unwanted sex crimes, Coconuts Bangkok reports.

So make sure to wear long sleeves and turtleneck instead, and here are some safe and non-sexy dance moves that we think you can pull off at the festival.

Stick with the old school dance moves. 

The flappy bird psy dance
Flappy chicken should be fine too!

This seems a little bit sexy but probably because it’s Tom Hiddleston.
Hmm, no comment.

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