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Lam Tsz Chung has plans to invite a lot of his previous co-stars to appear in his new movie, “Star of Comedy”, but Stephen Chow might not be one of them.

According to Epoch Times, the actor-turned-director, who spoke to the media about the new movie recently, stated that it would be hard to get Stephen to make a cameo in his movie since the “Kung Fu Hustle” star wouldn’t even make a cameo in his own film nowadays.

Said Lam, “In one of the scenes in the “The Mermaid”, Stephen was supposed to be the one who came out of the closet. He had to be coaxed for over 20 days before he said yes. The costume was even prepared for him. But right before the shoot, he said to me, “Chubby, it’s better that you do it instead”.”

In the end, Lam had to replace Stephen, adding that the costume didn’t even fit him and was open in the back.

“Three seconds of Stephen Chow might worth HKD 3 million,” he added lightheartedly.

However, Lam said that he would still meet up with Stephen and ask for the comedy auteur’s opinion about his script.

“I am a sucker for punishment. I like to get yelled at,” he joked.

As for “Star of Comedy”, Lam said that Benny Chan, Tin Kai Man, and Lam Suet will star in the movie. He plans to invite Ng Man Tat as well.